TRIPLE-DOUBLE FOR THE FINALS: Jokić’s new masterful game !

Denver basketball players beat the Los Angeles Lakers last night with a score of 113:111 and qualified for the grand finals. They did it with a maximum score of 4:0 in the series, as they won five games (132:126, 108:103 and 118:108). Serbian basketball player Nikola Jokić played a match for textbooks and as a real team leader led his team to the finals, scoring a key basket for 113:111. He achieved a new triple-double with 30 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists, followed by Murray with 25 rebounds, Portet Junior with 25, and Gordon with 22.
In the Lakers team, LeBron James was the most effective with 40 points, followed by Davis 20, Reaves 17 and Schrüder 13 points. The beginning of the game was marked by LeBron James, who hit one three-pointer out of care, after which his hand relaxed and he started hitting everything. He led the Lakers with 21 points in the first quarter.
Jokić was not overly aggressive, he played his teammates, and the Nuggets had -6 after the first period, 34:28. LeBron continued with a great game in the second quarter. He didn’t leave the game, he covered in defense, did everything in attack and the Lakers successfully maintained their lead. It was played at a great pace, and then the referees decided to take the main role. It was 65:56 on the scoreboard when they started playing anything and everything.The second quarter ended with a score of 73:58, and the Lakers scored all eight points in the end from the free throw line. James scored 31 points at halftime, while Jokic had 10, along with four rebounds and eight assists. In the third period, a completely different Denver team, they played with more energy, more aggressively, controlled the jump and quickly closed the gap.
Jokić dominated, he did everything on the field and Denver quickly got the equaliser, and then the reversal. In the middle of the third quarter, the Serbian basketball player reached his eighth triple-double in this season’s playoffs, and the Nuggets continued with great performances and after the third quarter had an advantage, 89:94.

The Lakers did not want to give up easily, so they opened the last period with a mini-series 5:0, 94:94. Denver had an answer after Malone’s time-out, but until the end of the game we were watching an uncertain game. The Serbian international played, scored, assisted, and perhaps scored the key basket with 2:50 left in the game. In question, the mentioned triple, in decline, by 104:110. The Lakers managed to come back, but not to win.
It will turn out that Jokić scored the last basket of the game, since at the beginning of the last minute, in a one-on-one game, he outplayed Davis and scored for 111:113. The Lakers did not manage to score until the end and the Nuggets deservedly celebrated.