TRANSFER BOMB SHAKES EUROPE! The famous journalist revealed where Messi continues his career and many others are in shock, no one has mentioned this club so far!

The story about the transfer of Lionel Messi can never get an epilogue.We read the prologue, stuck in the elaboration, but in no way could the Gordian knot of world football be untied. The transfer was already baked, Messi asked Barça for a letter and a blessing, and he was threatened with being dragged through the courts and the image of the legend (perhaps the greatest) of the club destroyed.
In Barcelona, ​​they hoped that if enough times that night’s decision would be changed, but stumbling with Ronald Kuman only convinced Messi that it was time to raise the anchor.

Now it may be known where Messi continues!Mention was made of the ten-year contract of Manchester City, which was ready for all concessions only to fulfill Pep Guardiola’s long-term dream of cooperating with Messi again. The transfer to Inter was mentioned, so even Messi the Elder was in Milan and allegedly found the house as salivating for Lionel and his family …

That information comes only a day after Neymar, the biggest star of PSG, said that next season he must play with Messi, with whom he shared the locker room in Barcelona for four years.

– At this moment, the most I want is to play with the Messiah again. I want to play with him. If he wants, I will leave my position to him. We have to play together next season, that’s for sure. ”

Interestingly, yesterday the interim president of Barcelona, ​​Carles Tusquets, said that he would have sold Lionel Messi last summer if he could, and revealed that the payment to the players in January will be late. Since Barcelona is in a big financial crisis, it is clear that Neymar will not return there, so the only option is to play with Messi if the Argentine also comes to Paris.

Messi has a contract with Barcelona until the end of the season, and he can come to PSG in June for free or in January with a smaller compensation.