Finally – for history, for honor, for the pride of the whole nation! Serbia beat Portugal in Lisbon with the result 2: 1 in the last 90 minutes when the GREAT Aleksandar Mitrović showed why he is in good shape this season, as well as why he is one of the best strikers in the history of Serbia!
Everyone believed. The whole nation, the whole nation, wherever he was a Serb – this team was believed. In this team of Dragan Stojković Piksi, who showed, proved and in spite of everyone said – Serbia is BETTER than Portugal at this moment. And it’s not a phrase, nor a euphoric sentence, this is reality!
And anyone can say what they want and want, and bookmakers can now hold on to their heads because they totally missed – Serbia has shown that it is on the bench with Pixie – FORCE! And the fact that Mitrović scored in the 90’s is just a reward for everyone. And an indication that with two attackers, Serbia looks brutal.
It started as no one hoped or expected. Gudelj must have been relieved because of that incredible mistake. He must have been relieved, and it wasn’t easy for him, but now it was all forgotten. Bernardo Silva snuck up behind him, maybe it was a foul, maybe not, but then the ball reached Renato Sanchez who beat Rajković in the second minute.
And after that, Serbia came to me in Lisbon! Vlahović had the first opportunity in the 12th minute when he hit the post after he did great in the penalty area. She didn’t want to score. Serbia attacked, they wanted a goal, they wanted to show that the mistake from the 2nd minute was just a combination of unfortunate circumstances.
We tried from a distance, we beat from all sides and beat the Portuguese in half, and then Dušan Tadić showed why he is the captain of this generation!
The captain of Serbia, the commander of Pixie’s team, set up brilliantly, and then the ball caught someone on the way to the goal, but it also confused Patricia and “slipped” out of his arms for the great joy of our team and a well-deserved equalization!
Then there was a 15-minute break. And that’s what Pixie used to finally overthrow Portugal. And how? He sent Mitrovic to the field. The best in the world right now. Serbia started violently, it killed Portugal, and Cristiano Ronaldo was so far from the goal that any coach who wants to “tame” him can go to Pixie’s classes.
In the 77th minute, Vlahović had a great opportunity, when Filip Kostić centered brilliantly on the ground, and the Fiorentina striker tried a shot from 11 meters. He was blocked though! And then Kostić also centered a few minutes later towards the penalty area, Mitrović jumped high from the full race, and the ball bounced past Rui Patricia’s left goal post.
And then – a moment in history. For honor, for pride, for the celebration of the whole nation! Aleksandar Mitrović showed that he is a better jumper than Ronaldo. Yes. It’s better! Not only did Tadić hit him in the eyelash, but Mitrogol brilliantly escaped the guards and beat goalkeeper Patricia. For a great celebration, the eruption of the whole of Serbia.
Piski said: Let’s go to Qatar! I trusted him too. As of tonight, the story of how one Serbia defeated the former European champion and showed Cristiano Ronaldo how to go to the World Cup should be written in golden letters in football books. Not by posting on Instagram, but by desire, and the famous Serbian spite that worked. Until then, thank you very much and see you in Qatar!