Manchester united humiliated Southampton 9:0 !!!

The Southampton players were defeated by Manchester United in the game of the 22nd round of the Premier League with 9: 0. The Saints suffered a disaster at Old Trafford just a year and three months after losing to Leicester in the 2019/20 season with identical results at home.
Mr. Chip’s Twitter account states that Southampton is the first club in the last 128 years to lose two top-ranked games in England with nine or more goals in less than two years.
The last club to lose with the mentioned goal difference in less than two years, ie one year and eight months, was Darwen, which was defeated 0:12 by West Bromwich in April 1892, and in December 1983 by Aston Villa 0: 9).
Manchester United is on the division of the first place with Manchester City with 44 points, but it has a match more than the city rival, while Southampton is on the 12th position with 29 points.
From the start, it was clear that the guests were not writing well. Namely, in the second minute Alexandre Jankewitz got red. With a goal by Van Bisake, the home team took the lead with 1-0,  he raised Cavani to 2-0. Bednarek’s own goal followed, and Rashford scored for 4-0.
With the goals of Martial and McTominay, the home team took the lead 6-. Then Bednarek got the red and fouled the penalty and Bruno Fernandez scored for 7-0. Until the end, James and Martial scored more goals. Man united came to victory after two rounds without a triumph while Satan experienced a major debacle for the second year in a row as Leicester won them 9-0 last season.