Lionel Messi Signs Contract With Barcelona For Ten Years?

Barcelona star Lionel Messi is very close to signing a new contract and staying at camp nou.

The job is much more complex and the Argentine could draw real bingo for his terms…

Lionel Messi Signs Contract With Barcelona For Ten Years

Pep and Messi together won 14 trophies. The story is, it has never been confirmed that they did not part very well, that is, that Pep left because of the Argentine, but on the other hand, both of them would gladly work again.

The possibility is realistic for the first time, Messi is dissatisfied, he wants to leave, he is looking for a way to do it in January, but Barça will not sell him, he will simply let his contract expire.

Manchester City has an offer, in the summer, as a free player, he would sign a three-year contract, worth over 50 million euros per season, which no one has ever had in the world of football.

But City’s strategy is not Messiah’s three years, but ten!

Man City knows very well what it pays. The plan is that after three seasons, Messi will go to the MLS franchise, he would surely be the biggest star in the history of football in the mentioned competition, and when he finishes his football career, he would receive money as a club ambassador. That is what they are aiming for in the City Group, with clubs on all sides of the world, on all continents, they could certainly take advantage of City’s incredible popularity, promote their brand, so the whole business is not just football.

Messi is free to negotiate around the first of January, nor will the change of management mean anything because Barça is in a big financial crisis and it would even be a relief, although no one will say that to get rid of the huge salary of the legendary football player.

We will see what the outcome is, clearly, if he wants to stay, he will stay, he is as big as the club, no one could not offer him a new contract and not break relations with the fans, but according to Messi’s reaction, he broke …