It doesn’t go without Ronaldo, Juve “spilled” two more points, but what did Morata do in the end ?!

cristiano ronaldo juventus draw against benevento

The champion is still undefeated in Serie A, but what is it worth when the top of the table is further and further away…

Juventus’ fifth draw in nine Serie A rounds!

Tonight is one of those that was not expected, Juve failed on the road to Benevento, the match ended with the result 1:1.

Before the start, mail was given to Diego Armando Maradona, and in the 10th minute, the match was symbolically interrupted for one minute, also in memory of the best football player in history.

Although without Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad, Juventus managed to take the lead relatively quickly. In the 21st minute of the match, Chiesa sent a long ball from the right side to Alvaro Morati, who entered the penalty area from the left side, fought for the space and sent a precise shot into the “small net” – 0:1.

Five minutes later, Dibala was able to double the advantage of Juventus, but he missed a goal from a probable situation with about seven meters.

However, as the half-time approached, the home team became more specific. Lapadula had a great opportunity to equalize in the 35th minute, but he shot with his head almost next to the right post.

But that was an introduction to what followed about ten minutes later. Skijatarella’s mastery in the compensation of the time of the first half, deceitfully freed his guards, shot well, but Szczęsny reacted well and kicked the ball into the corner.

And right after that corner, Benevento equalized. The ball circled around the Juventus penalty area, at the end Arthur sluggishly broke the ball to Leticia, who sent the ball to the opposite corner with a precise slant from the right side – 1:1.

In the continuation, Morata missed the opportunity to return the advantage to the champion in the 52nd minute, after which a period of futile initiative of Juventus followed. Time worked for the home team, which was looking for another opportunity to threaten the goal of the “Old Lady” from the counter.

As expected, at the entrance to the finish, Juventus increases the pressure. In the 85th minute, the best opportunity for the guests in the second half, Bernardeschi centered from the left side, Kuluševski missed the ball for Dybala, who shot the lower right corner of the home team’s goal, but Montipo reacted great and kicked the ball into the corner.

At the entrance in overtime, Kuluševski caught one kicked ball after a corner from some 15 meters, but there were no major problems for Montip. In that crowd, the Juventus players were looking for a penalty, but for the referee Paskva, everything was clear.

It took six minutes to make up for the time, but not enough for the guests to create an even more serious opportunity.

To make matters worse for Juve, Morata received a direct red card at the very end of the match due to the protest!