Free Slot Game Black Widow

Black Widow is very different from the other slots mentioned on this list. It’s not a cartoon, comic or light like the others. His topic is much more serious and reveals frightening vibrations. It’s definitely iconic in some ways and it’s worth taking the time to play a few tricks. Spin the best string of symbols on the black widow current game

The first and most obvious of the peculiarities of the Black Widow is a bunch of symbols. At each turn, a symbol that fills one or more rings is randomly selected. With a little luck, you can cover multiple reels with the same symbol, which allows you to achieve some big wins. There is also a bonus round with free spins, where you can catch special symbols to earn more prizes.

Black Widow review
Theme and story
Watch out for this really fatal woman, the theme of the Black Widow slot is erotic thrillers from the 1980s with gentleman victims and a murderer in a fur coat. The symbols are arranged according to the value of the Black Widow, three alternating guys in Oxford suits and ties and some cards with murder weapons. There is also a wild symbol with a bottle of green poison that gives you your 7 bonus spins.

Graphics, sound and animations
The graphics are well designed (if you can ignore the smug gentlemen who are victims), and the reels are well animated.

A lot of attention has been paid to sound design and this is the moment where the game comes to the fore. There is a kind of synth-jazz melody that reflects both the style of the 80’s thriller and the genre of noir film on which it is based. Both spins and winnings sound great. All in all, the graphics and sound are good. There is a lot great free games such as Black Window slots so be sure to check them out also.

The game has a nice little twist with the Stacked Symbols feature. Each reel has a block of “stacked symbols.” The specific symbol that goes to each block is randomly assigned at the beginning of each spin, but will be the same for all stacked symbols on a given reel.

This can bring some exciting spins when bonus symbols “accumulate” at the beginning.

The game has 40 paylines and there is no option to play less, so plan your budget accordingly. The variant of this game (more on this later) can otherwise bring a rather expensive proposal.

Black Widow Bonus Paytable
Black Widow bonus table of winnings
Jokers, bonuses and free spins
The bonus symbol is a bottle of green poison. You need to hit 9 bottles to start the bonus round. Since these bottles only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, the only way to achieve this is to have them completely stacked on all these reels. Unfortunately, you only get 7 spins. While you can get more, the chances of it not improving, so expect 7 spins is all you get.

Black Widow gameplay

In keeping with the topic of sexually entangled men, a widow can “catch” men in the middle round of bonus rounds where she is added to the bonus spin multiplier counter with each “caught” man.

The wild symbol when played alone is the strongest multiplier that results in payout payouts of up to 1000x your bet per line. But if you guess that, you will probably take home a large number of other paylines from the joker aspect of that symbol.

Black widow Winlines
Black Widow paylines
Bet sizes, RTP and variance
The site we tested allows coin sizes between $0.01 and $1. Because you have to play all 40 paylines, it makes bet sizes from $0.40 to $40 per spin.

The bonus is hard to run and hard to expand, making it a high variance slot with plenty of failed spins and the occasional big payout when your piles line up. We are fans of high-variance slots because they go well with our recommended slot strategies.

The game has an RTP of 96% which is an average for the industry and is neither particularly good nor particularly bad for online slot play. However, pairing this with high variance makes the slot attractive to those who like high-variance, high-rewarding proposals.

Black Widow is a fine, eccentric slot machine, with a good risk-to-reward ratio that allows for high variance and average RTP.

The game is quite fun with several good features including bonus accumulation, stacked symbols and a few smart bonus mechanisms that work well both as a game and as a slot machine story.

Black Widow – 96.00% RTP

Frequently asked questions about IGT slots
This article may contain some basic information about IGT online slots, but it does not give a complete picture. You may have more questions on this topic and that is why we have prepared a short section with frequently asked questions. We hope it helps you choose slots to play.

Frequently asked questions about IGT slots
Where can I play IGT slots online?
IGT online slots are widely available throughout the gaming industry. You will be able to choose from a wide range of platforms, which will give you the opportunity to find the one that suits you best. See the best IGT casino sites for more information.

How does the 5 + 40 fixed paylines slot system work in the Black Widow?
Sounds more complex than it actually is. Essentially, each symbol can appear in any position on any reel. This gives you the opportunity to form many more winning combinations than usual. If you are lucky enough, you can cover the entire network with the same symbol. Learn more about the Black Widow.

Where can I find IGT slot reviews?
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