FIFA and UEFA have suspended all Russian clubs and selections! Politics or Sports !

FIFA and UEFA have jointly decided that all Russian teams, whether national or club, will be suspended from participating in FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice.”After the initial decisions adopted by the Council of the World Football Federation (FIFA) and the Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA), which provided for the adoption of additional measures, FIFA and UEFA today decided together to all Russian teams, whether national or club, suspends participation in both FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice.These decisions were adopted today by the FIFA Council Bureau and the UEFA Executive Committee, ie the highest decision-making bodies of both institutions on such urgent issues.
Football is completely united here and full of solidarity with all the affected people in Ukraine. “Both presidents hope that the situation in Ukraine will significantly and quickly improve so that football can once again be a vector of unity and peace among the people, reads a joint statement from FIFA and UEFA.
Earlier today, the world media announced that FIFA supported the IOC’s recommendation to “ban Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials from participating in any organized international competitions.This means that Spartak from Moscow will be expelled from the Europa League, and that Russia will not be able to play in the qualification for the World Cup in Qatar, as well as the League of Nations.Is this politics or sports ?