Black and white on the wings of Caboclo and Kaminsky defeated a great rival in the battle for the top 10 !!!

Partizan basketball players defeated Baskonia in the game of the 30th round of the Euroleague with a score of 87:83.
Partizan registered 14 triumphs with 16 defeats and is currently tenth in the table, the last leading to the playoffs.
Baskonia registered 14 losses with 16 wins and is currently ninth in the table.
Partizan entered the match brilliantly on the wings of the crowd.
Mostly thanks to the cheerful Caboclo, black and white were constantly in the lead and had +7 after the first part 23:16.
In the second quarter, Avramović also played, and Partizan reached +11. It was followed by a fall at the end of the second quarter and only + 2 at halftime 44:42.
Partizan played again in the continuation. Kaminsky entered the series and black and white again gained +10 58:48.
Howard prevented Partizan from breaking the match in this quarter with a streak and in the last ten minutes the score was +9 69:60.
Unlike some previous duels, Partizan managed to preserve its advantage and record an extremely important victory, even though it gambled again in the finish.
The heroes of Partizan’s victory were centers Bruno Caboclo with 18 and Frank Kaminsky with 20 points.
As expected, Marcus Howard scored 26 points.
In the next round already on Thursday, Partizan welcomes Real Madrid.

The arena can and must be an impregnable fortress. We saw that on Tuesday evening, where a clear message was sent from Belgrade to Europe – Serbia and how it deserves to have two representatives in the elite. Partizan will continue to rush towards that reservation of the play-in ticket, but this triumph has at least mentally lightened the weight of the burden that this team carries with it.
It was clear even before the start of this match that the Baskonia players would be welcomed by a full Arena, and the “hell” directed by the black and white fans was felt from the first second of the fight on the floor.
Brazilian Bruno Caboclo had the honor of igniting the already heated atmosphere with his dunk, and Frank Kaminsky’s three-pointer was a clear indication that this team knows what it is fighting for. And more importantly – for whom!
Fast basketball and trench warfare characterized the beginning and second parts. The “steamroller” did not let go of the lead he had earned, but the tension was noticeable, both in the ranks of the black and white team, as well as on the bench, which was shown by the reactions of Obradovic and his teammates to the unsportsmanlike foul by Alen Smailagić on Moneke. The Serbian basketball player had difficulties guarding the Baskonia star, and ended up on the bench after the second foul.
The constant interruptions slightly damaged the fluidity that the Partizan team had in the earlier periods of the game. McIntyre took advantage of Nanelli’s carelessness in handling the ball, stole it, and that attack ended with a double by Sederkikis. Fortunately, Ponitka managed to immediately return from the 6.75 line, Panther also joined in, and the score on the scoreboard of 85:77 indicated that a little more than a minute and a half at the very end would mark a gladiator fight.
And so it would. Another uncertain ending had to be played by Partizan and again it was not as it should have been. In the last minute, Kaminski made a mistake that allowed the visitors to get closer to only one basket – again with Howard’s points, and on the other side, Dozier, somewhat uncertainly entered the game. Fortunately, his hand was steady, and he scored 87:83. Ivanovic then requested a new time-out.
However, the guests could do nothing more,the black and white team, after a huge fight, efforts and the support of incredible fans, who justified all expectations and words of praise this time, achieved their 14th triumph. But this one is worth much more, as the play-in race is still on.