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Betting Sites With Bingo

How to Play Bingo Online

Playing online bingo with a site differs to the usual bingo hall format. For starters, bingo sites offer many varieties of games: jackpot bingo, linked bingo games, even bonus features! This also means players have more opportunities to win at online bingo – if they know what to look for. Follow our step-by-step rules below to learn how to play bingo online straightaway:
First, a player must register with a bingo site.We recommend new players choose bingo sites that offer bonus codes or free credit. In addition to free bingo games, this will help players learn new games without risking their own money.
After depositing funds into your account, visit the virtual bingo lobby. Here, players have two options:
  1. Choose a specific bingo game to play. This can be 40-ball, 50-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball or 90-ball. After choosing a game, players will find a schedule that states which virtual bingo room the game will be held in, and at what time.
  2. To start playing immediately, visit ‘bingo rooms’. This will display all the online bingo games starting straightaway. Choose a room with a game you like, and ‘enter’ the room.
Before the game starts, check the jackpot amount and the price of tickets.Jackpot amounts can vary on the number of players in the room, the game, and the time of day. Players should always check this information before buying any tickets; otherwise you could receive low returns on your tickets.
Players should choose the number of tickets they want to play with.While buying several tickets can potentially improve your chances of winning, it is not guaranteed. To prevent any one player having an obvious advantage in the game, most bingo sites will cap the number of tickets players can buy.
Sit back, have fun, and wait for the numbers to be called.Players should pay attention to when the caller reads the numbers and winning lines out to ensure they don’t miss winning any jackpots! Alternatively, some bingo sites offer an auto-dub feature, which automatically crosses numbers off the tickets for players.
Online bingo operates on a ‘first past the post’ system, just like regular bingo.That means if your crossed-off numbers reflect one of the winning line patterns, you’ve won!
Bingo is popular because it is easy for players to socialise in the game, and simple to learn. As a result, the best online bingo sites have brought the social fun of bingo halls to our screens by adding chat functions to their virtual bingo rooms. Here players can chat and swap strategies on games. Some bingo sites even award players bonus points for regularly contributing to these chat rooms.

Odds of Winning Online Bingo

When playing bingo online for real money, bettors should remember it is a game of chance. The element of luck makes it exciting to play, but also more difficult to predict a winning outcome. However there are several factors players can use to their advantage to increase their odds of winning in online bingo:

Bingo Cards

Let’s say you are in a bingo room with nine other players. Everyone in the room has one card each. That means you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning the jackpot. But you didn’t buy only one card, because you’re a smart bingo player. You bought 10 cards, while everyone else in the game bought one. That means out of the 19 total bingo cards in the game, you have 10 of them, giving you a 52% chance of winning the jackpot. Some online bingo sites will let players see how many cards are in play during real money bingo games. This is valuable information for players, as it enables you to more accurately calculate your odds of winning the game.

When buying multiple cards, don’t choose cards with too many of the same numbers across them. Instead, find cards that cover as many of the calls as possible to increase your chances of landing a winning line.

Number of Players

Not only can the number of players in a bingo game affect your odds of winning, it can also affect the size of the jackpot. If a bingo room has few players, then your odds of winning will increase. With fewer people contributing to the jackpot however, your winnings will be small. On the other hand, a busy bingo room may have a huge jackpot, but the odds of winning will be lower because there are many more cards in play. In progressive bingo games, the jackpot only reaches lucrative sums when enough people have bought into the game. That means even if you find a progressive bingo room with few players the jackpot will be so small it won’t be worth playing. The best time to play a progressive bingo game is when the room is half-full. That way, there’s enough contributions for a substantial jackpot but not too many people involved to greatly reduce the odds of winning.

When it comes to the number of players in a bingo game, timing is everything. Online bingo sites are busiest between 19:00 and 21:00 GMT on weeknights, which is when the progressive jackpots are at their highest. Players should join games on weekday afternoons when bingo sites are much quieter.

Bingo Calls and Card Patterns

When playing bingo for real money online, the type of game and card patterns are hugely influential to a player’s odds of winning. Every bingo game will contain a certain number of calls. In a 75-ball bingo game, that will be 75 potential calls: in a 50-ball game, 50 calls, and so on. The odds of a player winning bingo early in the game is low, because there are so many numbers in the game. As the game progresses however a player’s odds of winning increases, because there are fewer calls left. When choosing which real money bingo games to play, check the winning patterns. Many online bingo sites offer big rewards for complicated patterns, such as ‘Z’ shapes or other letters. Compared to traditional line patterns though, the odds of winning on these shapes are low. Why? Simply put, there’s more numbers to land. It’s more likely someone will fill a simple line before you complete the pattern. When analysing the odds of winning in online bingo, it is important to remember that the games operate on a random number generator. This system generates thousands, even millions of potential numbers per second to maintain the same randomness of bingo hall games. In effect, real money bingo games are completely random, and cannot be cheated or beaten. The only way players can affect the outcome of a bingo game is to take a considered approach to their gameplay.

You may notice that some online bingo games share themes with slot games, such as Cleopatra. This is because both bingo and online slot games operate on random number generator systems. Visit our online slots page to learn more about how this casino game works.

Free Bingo Games Online

There’s hundreds of bingo games to play online for real money. Why not practice some of these on our free games page before depositing any of your own funds? Enjoy the exciting bingo action straightaway with no download and no registration requirements. That way, you can become a pro at a game before risking any of your own funds! Online bingo sites usually offer demo versions of their games to try. Unfortunately, they don’t give players the chance to play free bingo games to win real money. For thrifty players looking for a deal, we recommend finding an online bingo site that offers sign-up bonuses, such as no deposit bonus, first deposit bonus, or free credit. This means players can enjoy real money bingo games without using any of their own funds.

Online Bingo Strategies

Bingo is a game of chance, meaning strategies will have very little effect on the outcome of a game. Online bingo sites use random number generators in their games to recreate the same randomness as land-based bingo games. Independent regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission regulate bingo websites to ensure their games are fair and random, so again, it is not possible to cheat the system. As mentioned earlier however, players can influence the outcome of a game by adapting their own gameplay. By playing smarter and being more thoughtful about bankroll management, players can keep the excitement of bingo games going for longer! Here are some common bingo strategies to put to the test in your next game.

Granville Bingo Strategy

Based on a 75-ball bingo game, Granville’s theory focuses on finding the bingo card with the best number combinations. Granville’s strategy states players should find a card that contains the following:
  • An equal number of high and low numbers
  • Approximately a 50/50 spread of even and odd numbers
  • An equal number of numbers that end in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
With Granville’s strategy players should have an equal spread of numbers across their card, giving them a greater chance of landing a bingo win.

Tippet Bingo Strategy

This bingo strategy is also based on 75-ball bingo but focuses on the length of time a bingo game runs. According to the Tippet strategy, the bingo balls drawn during long bingo games will have an approximate medium number of 38. In shorter bingo games, the balls drawn are more likely to be closer to either numbers one or 75. Using Tippet’s strategy bingo players should:
  • For short bingo games choose cards with numbers closer to one and 75 to win
  • For long bingo games like blackout bingo, choose cards with numbers closer to the number 38
Depending on the style of game, Tippet’s strategy gives players several ways to win bingo.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend players invest no more than 5% of their bankroll in one sitting. On average, players dedicate 3% of their bankroll funds in one session of online bingo games.

Bingo Card Variety Strategy

Some players claim specific numbers appear every time in bingo games, so to win you should look for cards with these numbers. However, this isn’t true. Statistically, there’s one of each number on a bingo ball, which means every number has the same chance of being drawn. The best way to win at bingo is to choose cards with the most variety of numbers. This way, a player increases the odds of crossing a number off their card every time one is called.

Free Bingo Bets

How to Win at Bingo

In addition to strategies, there’s a variety of bingo tricks and tips to use to win more games. Check out our following tips below to increase your chances of winning at bingo while having fun online with friends.

Manage your bankroll over a long time period

Lots of bingo players online recommend spreading their bets by joining as many bingo games possible. By doing so, players think they have more chances of winning. Of course, it’s impossible to win if you don’t take part, but blindly throwing your funds into every game can equally leave you with nothing. Assess your bankroll funds and determine how long it needs to last. This will give you a realistic idea of how much you can risk losing in a single session. Don’t forget to use bonuses to your advantage, too.

Play chat games

Online bingo sites reward players for regularly participating in the chat room games with bonuses. These can be used in real money bingo games online to buy cards and potentially win jackpots.

Look out for BOGOF games

Online bingo sites regularly offer ‘Buy One Get One Free’ games on their sites to encourage players to try new games or engage with the site further. These essentially give players free bingo games to play for real money jackpots.

Check bingo number patterns

Prior to any bingo game, check whether the winning bingo card patterns will be static, crazy, or wild. Bingo sites and halls will sometimes change winning number patterns to keep games fresh. Once you know, you can choose the bingo cards with the best chances of winning.

Read site reviews

Online bingo reviews help players find the sites with the best games and biggest jackpots and prizes. By reading bingo reviews, players ensure they’re getting the most for their bankroll and playing with sites they trust to pay out any winnings on time.

Online Bingo Rules

The rules to online bingo are simple to learn. This means players can spend more time enjoying the game and chatting with other bingo players online! In the game of bingo, players mark off numbers on a ticket as they are called out in order to achieve a winning combination. The winner of the game is the first one to mark off all the numbers on their card. Online bingo uses a random number generator to call out numbers. Players must wait for the numbers to be called in order to cross off any on their cards. If a player tries to cross off a number that hasn’t been called, the system will reject it. Playing bingo online is faster and safer because the random number generation ensures games are truly random. This means players can be assured they have the best and fairest experience possible playing bingo online.

Online Bingo Tips

In addition to bingo strategies and understanding the odds of winning, players can make smart decisions when choosing bingo sites to potentially increase their payouts.
  1. Choose the right bonus for your level of experience. There are numerous bingo games online to discover, and some bonuses are tailored to new or experienced players. New players should look out for welcome or sign-up bonuses, which gives them free credit to experiment with the different games on the site. Experienced players that know which games to play should look for bonuses like stick deposit. This bonus enables players to withdraw monies won using bonus credit.
  2. Read the terms and conditions of any bonuses or jackpots you win. Some online bingo sites require players to withdraw or play winnings within a stated time frame before removing it from the player’s account. Players might find they can only use winnings from bonuses to play on the site and cannot withdraw the funds. Always check the terms and conditions before depositing any funds with an online bingo site to avoid any unwelcome surprises.
  3. Play low-value games before progressing to progressive jackpots. Playing progressive jackpot bingo games continuously can be expensive. Not only that, but their popularity means there’s a lower chance of winning. Bingo players should vary their gameplay between bingo games at off-peak times with a lower jackpot and peak progressive games to potentially increase their odds of winning.

Bingo Glossary

Online bingo sites can sometimes use unusual phrases in games. We’ve decoded some of the jargon to help players stay on track in their online bingo games:
  • After Games:Games played after the end of a regular ‘session’ of bingo.
  • Any way:When a bingo game is played ‘any way’ that means a winning pattern can be completed in any direction on the card.
  • Cash Ball:A progressive jackpot that pays when a Bingo is called.
  • CH:The abbreviations stand for ‘chat host’. Some online bingo games have chat rooms for players, which are moderated by a chat host.
  • Coverall:This is also known as ‘Blackout’ and it is a bingo patterns that requires every number on your card to be called for you to win.
  • Free Space:The middle square of the bingo card that has no number on it.
  • House:A shorter way of saying ‘The Bingo Hall’.
  • Lucky Jar:This is also known as the ‘Cookie Jar’ and it is the container full of cash.
  • Quickie:Also known as ‘Blowout’, in which the numbers are called as quickly as possible.
  • Special:A game that is played outside the regular session.
  • Wrap Up:The last game of the session.